SIX Sessions of Coaching for full time business owners

For free! Well, not exactly for free. In exchange for 6 sessions of performance coaching with me, you need to do 3 things.

  1. Agree to make a donation to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. They are a charity near and dear to my heart (a story for another day) and they need all the support they can get. While I understand that everyone has different financial means, I also understand that there needs to be skin in the game. I am asking that you make a minimum donation of $500. 
  2. Apply through the form below. This has to be a fit for you and me. 
  3. Upon completion of our time together, you agree to give me a review of the work we have done together on Google and Linkedin.


have someone to talk to about
competing priorities and opportunities

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How it works?

We get 4 sessions together. You bring 2 or 3 unique challenges to me, and together we figure out which is the most impactful for you. 

Session 1: Discovery Session
We get clear on the challenge that we are going to work on. We get clear on the outcome goal. 

Session 2: Focus Session 1
Here is where we get to work. We focus on the outcome goal, and build a plan around it. Often there is clarity on other goals that come up, and we address as much as we can in the remaining coaching sessions. That said, the focus is always the main goal that was decided on.

Session 3: Focus Session 2

Session 4: Focus Session 3

Session 5: Focus Session 4

Session 6: Strategy for Forward Motion
Even though the coaching sessions are over, I leave you with a plan of action for moving forward. We debrief coaching, and talk about future strategies for your business and life. 

Here is an example of what coaching might look like.

Challenge: individuals or team members are not effectively communicating with each other, which is leading to misunderstandings, errors, and delays.

Goal: Improve communication and collaboration with an individual, a team, vendors, or customers to enhance productivity and sales.

Session 1:

  • Discussion of current leadership style and its impact on performance.
  • Exploration of potential barriers to effective leadership, including communication challenges, lack of trust, and unclear expectations.
  • Reviewing/setting a goal for the next 6 sessions.
  • Establishing an action plan to achieve the goal, including specific leadership development strategies.

Session 2:

  • Review of progress towards the established goal.
  • Discussion of any challenges or setbacks encountered during the previous weeks and strategies to overcome them.
  • Exploration of the benefits of effective leadership and motivation for continuing to work towards the goal.
  • Development of a contingency plan for handling unexpected obstacles or disruptions to leadership development.

Session 3:

  • Further review of progress towards the established goal.
  • Discussion of strategies to maintain motivation and overcome potential plateaus in progress.
  • Exploration of potential variations to the leadership development strategies to prevent boredom or stagnation.
  • Goal review and/or adaptation to a possible new outcome goal.

Session 4:

  • Review of progress towards the established goal(s).
  • Discussion of the impact of improved leadership on performance and productivity.
  • Exploration of additional leadership development strategies and approaches.
  • Setting a long-term leadership development plan.

Session 5:

  • Review of progress towards the established goal(s) and the long-term leadership development plan.
  • Discussion of the benefits of effective leadership to the business/organization.
  • Exploration of potential areas for additional leadership development and strategies to achieve them.

Session 6:

  • Final review of progress towards the established goal(s) and long-term leadership development plan.
  • Discussion of the overall experience and what was learned during the coaching process.
  • Celebration of successes and discussion of potential next steps in the journey towards achieving the goal.