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If we haven’t officially met, my name is Donita Fowler, and I know Linkedin. Not only have I grown my own authority and network, but I’ve been helping other coaches and entrepreneurs do the same for over a decade.

Learn 9 steps to expanding your Linkedin network,  becoming the authority in your industry, and powering your success!

These Linkedin strategies have been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition by teaching you:

Optimize Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile serves as the foundation for building your network. We make sure that your profile is complete, professional, and starts to build your authority using your expertise. We build a clear and compelling headline and a well-crafted summary. We include relevant keywords to improve search-ability. Add guidelines for a professional headshot. All of this showcases your coaching credentials, experience, and achievements.

Relevant Content

Engaging with relevant content on LinkedIn is a powerful way to build your network. Seek out and engage with posts, articles, and discussions that are relevant to your coaching niche. Like, comment, and share valuable insights, and provide thoughtful contributions to establish yourself as an authority and attract the attention of potential clients or collaborators. Creating your own thoughtful and relevant content will also build your network and authority.

Proactive Connections

Expanding your network by sending personalized connection requests. When reaching out, mention why you find their profile or work interesting and express a genuine desire to connect and learn from them. DO NOT SELL on that first interaction, ever. Avoid generic connection requests and make an effort to establish a genuine connection from the start. Utilize the power of PODS with detailed instructions on how to set one up, and how to use it effectively in the guide.

So … what’s the point of these strategies anyway?

Scrolling Linkedin every week with no strategy behind it isn’t going to help you crush your goals and get the traction and views you oh-so-badly desire.  

These 9 simple steps will help you optimize your profile, and every build your network, so you can finally see the growth and results you deserve! 

 The bigger you grow your profile, the wider your reach and authority becomes, therefore, the more positive impact you can have in this world! 

I’m honoured to be your guide!

create your own community

Discover the techniques needed to create meaningful connections, build authority and grow alongside the algorithm.

use strategy for success

Leverage Linkedin’s own features to expand your network and generate opportunities for your coaching practice.

share share share

Establish a lasting presence on Linkedin by leveraging its sharing features to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

utilize your engagement

Actively participate in conversations and create thoughtful interactions to establish authority, and expand your network.

About the Author

Hello! I’m Donita. It’s great to meet you.  

I help coaches show up in front of their ideal customers and become the go-to expert in their industry using Linkedin as a marketing tool. My unique strategy is built to create authority & longevity for your business, while also building your brand. 

This results in lifetime ROI without spending a dime on advertising.  

These methods have been used by hundreds of entrepreneurs in all different industries and have been proven time and time again to deliver game-changing results.
So dig in! I can’t wait to hear how amazing your results are!

What others have had to say…

I took a Linkedin workshop from Donita and was really pleased with practical tips. I applied a few key tips...and recently saw some wonderful results including more views on my profile and an actual new client who found me due to the key word changes I made. Thank you for the guidance!
Dawn O'Connor
Productivity Coach
I attended Donita's full day workshop on mastering LinkedIn. Going in to the workshop, I thought that I was quite proficient in using LinkedIn, however, found that there were still many things to learn. Donita is a master at the use of LinkedIn and I highly recommend her.
Dr. Wilma Slenders
Just finished the full day workshop on mastering LinkedIn. Wow, so much great info. I would highly recommend taking this one day course - it will save you hours of your time trying to figure out these simple, easy to follow instructions. Implement the tips and starting purposeful networking immediately. Thank you!!
Wanda Murch
CFO and Business Coach

9 steps to expanding your Linkedin network,  becoming the authority in your industry, and powering your success!

Learn the 9 Steps To Expanding Your Linkedin Network,  Becoming The Authority In Your Industry, And Powering Your Success!

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9 steps to build your network, create authority and earn more clients on linkedin in just 30 minutes a day!