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a lady-coaches* Mastermind

Build intentional community to grow personally and professionally in your coaching career.

Business, life and longevity through intentional, meaningful relationships. 

Start date Jan. 10th. 
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*Lady coach is a female coach who specializes in empowering individuals to cultivate the skills and mindset necessary for success across various domains, including business, relationships, finance, fitness, and more.

Did you know...

I should mention that in today’s dynamic landscape, relationships span across every facet of our lives. However, this mastermind is specifically tailored to lady coaches, centering around the crucial relationships they cultivate with their invaluable support network. It takes a village, and sometimes we have to build our village. This mastermind is the start.


...have a trusted community of women who are in your corner, on your side, and ready to support you unconditionally.

We have been led to believe that we have to do it all alone. Build it alone, strategize alone, celebrate alone. And that just isn’t the case. Surround yourself with business owners like yourself, and use that community to push outside of your comfort zone.
Relationships play a very important role in actually ‘living longer’. Strong community ties promote longevity.

And here are just a few more things that strong community ties do for us in everyday life.

  • Enhance Resilience
  • Help with Healthy Coping Mechanisms
  • Promote Happiness and Self Satisfaction
  • Reduce Stress
  • Create a Sense of belonging

Have I piqued your interest?

If I have, and you are still reading, I’d love to welcome you here. Welcome you to the unleashed mastermind. A room full of driven, empathetic, supportive women who want to see other women succeed. 

Join us starting January 3rd for our first virtual live session. A space for up to 10 women, all with one thing in common. Building relationships for longevity …. of business, and of life.

No more excuses. The pandemic is in the rear view mirror. It’s time to start building again, building relationships and community alongside amazing women such as yourself.

This is your time. 

Meet who sets the table

Donita Fowler

Integrated Performance & Life Coach

For over a decade, I’ve been dedicated to working with and collaborating alongside entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners from various industries.

And throughout this journey, one common thread consistently emerged — the desire and need for more intentional community and meaningful connections, and as a coach, I saw this now more than ever.

There is a need for intentional masterminds, with engaging conversation and real connections, so Unleashed Mastermind for lady-coaches was created, and I became the official table setter. 

This transformative mastermind experience is set to unfold over the course of six months, from January to June. It’s a dedicated journey of self-investment, where your commitment to growth not only benefits yourself but also extends to your fellow group members.

This program is designed for active participation, featuring engaging live video calls that foster dynamic discussions and mutual support. We all lead with curiosity and kindness. Each Monday morning, we have check-ins, setting the tone for a productive and inspired week ahead. 

In these six months, you’ll experience the transformative power of genuine connection, accountability, and shared growth. It’s an opportunity to invest in yourself and witness the incredible transformations that occur when individuals come together with purpose and determination.

Apply today and see if this mastermind is right for you.

Why a mastermind?

Are you ready to unlock secrets to a balanced and thriving coaching practice? Ok, maybe not secrets. But really great strategies from fellow lady-coaches! Join my exclusive “Business, Life, and Longevity … Through Connections” mastermind group!

Over 6 months, we’ll meet twice a month for insightful 50-minute sessions with a tight-knit group of fellow lady-coaches. This journey is all about finding harmony between your business ambitions and personal life goals.

We’ll tackle time management, stress reduction, productivity, self-care, and more. Together, we’ll celebrate wins, navigate challenges, and build lasting connections that will empower you on your journey to success and well-being.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and your future.
Join us today!

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