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Stress Management for Business Owners

Masterclass: Strengthen your Window of Tolerance

Imagine a metaphorical window with a range of arousal levels. When we’re within this window of tolerance, we’re able to handle everyday stressors and challenges with relative ease. We can think clearly, make decisions rationally, and engage in healthy coping mechanisms. 

Does this sound familiar?


Most of my life, really…

That used to be me: for 19 years, I lived in a state of hyper-arousal, feeling constantly on edge and unsafe, with nowhere to find solace or calm. Even into adulthood, I rarely spent time in a state of calm and connected. However, through therapy, coaching, mentorship and more, we can fast forward to today. I’ve dedicated nearly 4 years to discovering and understanding my true self and the person I aspire to become. 

Being within my window allows me to engage fully in the present moment, maintain resilience in the face of challenges, and navigate life’s ups and downs with a sense of stability and well-being. Overall, operating within this window of tolerance provides a foundation for managing stress, making decisions, and pursuing personal and professional goals.

You could be experiencing this discomfort because of work-related stressors.

Define Business Resilience


Prolonged exposure to stress without adequate coping mechanisms can dysregulate the nervous system, pushing individuals into a state of chronic hyperarousal. Conversely, some individuals may shut down in response to overwhelming stressors, leading to hypoarousal and a sense of disconnection.


You may have a deep-seated fear of failure, especially if your livelihood depends on the success of your venture. This fear can trigger hyperarousal responses, causing you to become overly vigilant, perfectionistic, and reactive to perceived threats. On the other hand, you may cope with this fear by withdrawing or avoiding challenging situations, leading to hypoarousal and a sense of resignation or apathy.


Running a business can be isolating, especially for solo entrepreneurs or small business owners who lack a support network. Feelings of overwhelm, loneliness, and burnout can lead to dysregulation of arousal levels, with you becoming hyperaroused, experiencing panic attacks, or feeling constantly on edge. Or maybe you enter a state of hypoarousal, withdrawing socially, losing motivation, and feeling emotionally numb.


Have a sense of balance, calmness, and emotional stability and watch the replay of
Strengthen your Window of Tolerance Masterclass

What you will learn...

Still not sure?

Let me tell you more...

This 16 minute class will deliver over 9 healthy coping strategies that can start to regulate your emotions on the daily grind. And don’t worry, I don’t consider a grind to be negative. It just is what it is. Some days are harder than others. 

The unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship means that business owners often face unexpected challenges and setbacks. These disruptions to their plans and expectations can trigger hyper-arousal, causing them to react impulsively, experience difficulty problem-solving, and struggle to adapt to change.

Alternatively, some may shut down in response to adversity, entering a state of hypoarousal characterized by feelings of hopelessness, resignation, and avoidance.