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Learn how to build great relationships in the workplace with a deep dive in the Window of Tolerance.

Does this sound like you?

Some of the reasons you are experiencing emotional stress or dysregulation are ...

1. Pressure to succeed

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners, self-employed… whatever term you want to use. We often face immense pressure to meet financial targets, satisfy clients, and compete in our respective markets. This pressure can lead to a constant state of alertness and tension, spending most of our day in hyper-arousal.

2. FinancIAl Concerns

Financial instability, cash flow issues, or the fear of business failure can induce chronic stress and anxiety. Entrepreneurs may constantly worry about revenue generation, profitability, and sustaining their businesses during uncertain economic times. This uncertainty pushes us into hyper-arousal.

3. Overwhelm and Avoidance

When faced with overwhelming demands or challenges, some entrepreneurs may experience hypo-arousal as a coping mechanism to avoid dealing with stressors. They may withdraw emotionally or procrastinate on tasks as a way to cope with feelings of inadequacy or overwhelm.


Keep your emotions in check, and recognize
when you’re feeling off-balance.

Make decisions with clarity and focus, without being over influenced by stress or emotions.
Adapt easier to situations and people. You start to become more flexible and responsive to challenges. Without becoming overwhelmed or reactive.

You start to have more resiliency towards stressful situations. And as such, you can effectively manage pressure, setbacks, and challenges without experiencing burnout or excessive stress.

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This is me. With my brother, on our farm in the early 80’s. Life was complicated, and so began my induction into my hyper-arousal state. I would not leave that state for 46 years.
I stand as living proof that it is possible to break free from the grip of hyperarousal and embrace a life of calmness and connection. It’s not always easy, and the journey may be filled with ups and downs, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Understanding the window of tolerance will change how you do business.

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