Daring coach. Curious human.

If you are reading this far, you probably want to know how I am going to help you. What do I know that I can share with you to make your business or life even better? Well, it’s a combination of lived experience, career transitions, being self employed, a mother of 2, a wife to a high performing coach and athlete and still finding who I am and where I fit. Life can be a wonderful and scary journey all at the same time. And no one needs to do it alone.

My Perspective

Before I could move forward and live my purpose, I had to own and change my perspective of the past.

This is me. As a kid, on a farm in Northern Saskatchewan, alongside my brother and animal friends. As a kid, all I did each day was try to make it to the next. Our household wasn’t safe, and my dad was unpredictable. So, a lot of my time was spent outside, taking care of my brother and imaging a different life. I was an outsider at school, and I just never felt like I belonged anywhere. 

Growing up in that environment was hard. And once I was finished school and started making my own life decisions, I had to make the conscious decision to change my actions, my patterns, and my behaviours.

That meant that I could change the person that I was by simply changing my perspective of my past, which is an incredibly powerful way to improve one’s own life.

"Nothing is good or bad - it is my perspective of that thing, experience, or event that is good or bad.”

setting and managing goals is a huge part of
fulfilling your vision and life purpose.

To set and keep goals takes a systematic and progressive process. It cannot be about tackling everything at once, and it also will not work to make major wholesale changes all at the same time. These lofty goals start with great enthusiasm, but they do not last. 

Instead, it is about breaking things down until you find the first, small, actionable step – a step that you can realistically shift into a new habit. 

A habit that is long lasting and can lead to change that you can follow up with even bigger steps. This is what performance coaching looks like. It looks like setting goals, managing better habits, reaching goals. And I will be with you every step of the way.

To find out where you can have the most change in your life and start setting goals, visit The Wheel of Life. By completing this, you will know the next step. 

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Once we switch our focus from getting to giving and investing, along with proper habits and focused energy, our personal success starts to fall into place. 

Now, this is something that you always have to remember: The more profound the goal, the larger the risk and resistance needed. Do you need support with those goals?