jay shetty certified (in-training)

Business Coach

for the self-employed warrior

Clarity is knowing who you are. Knowing what you want.
And knowing what concrete and actionable steps you can take to get there.

Why work with a performance coach?

Once you begin coaching, the new insights you learn will constantly improve you and expand your skills and impact.

All of this will not only improve your business and life, but the change that happens will benefit people around you too. You will start to interact more meaningfully and considerately with other business owners, vendors, family, friends, customers, staff …  and you will start to see your impact on those around you.

Coaches focus on opportunities to develop.

The orientation is not to fix problems.

There are unlimited amounts of advice out there already. People get advice every day from their boss, their family, their friends, the person at the grocery store, their hairdresser and almost everyone else they come into contact with.

You don’t need more advice; you need someone to guide you in a knowledgeable and scientifically proven way to find the answers for yourself. As a trained, skilled and nonjudgemental professional coach, I am equipped to offer the best guidance.

As a coach, there is something more powerful than changing lives.
You are about to show others how to change their own lives.

Jay Shetty

Begin 2023 with intention

My coaching program is designed for the self-employed warrior. You are where you are because of sheer determination and hustle. The thing is, now you are starting to see the ripple effect of working so hard, for so long with little to no help.

You have competing priorities and opportunities. You feel like achieving and producing outcomes are the only way to get noticed. Peace and happiness are short-lived and fleeting. And your relationships with your staff, friends, family are all starting to change.

And now it’s time to ask for help. But, that is very uncomfortable. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. And if this sounds like you, maybe hiring a coach is one way to get clarity, and find success in your business.

What does Performance Coaching look like?

Coaching helps in many areas of any person’s life. Whether your issue or goal is in the area of money, relationships, physical health, productivity, purpose, or anything else related to human performance and wellbeing, a difference is possible through coaching.

Other people come to me because they know something is not right in their life, but they can’t quite figure out what. I will support you in assessing where you are in life, where you want to be, and how you can hold yourself accountable.


Once I have your commitment to doing what is necessary, then I can work on helping you establish the right kind of goals and outcomes. The first step is to gain an awareness about yourself, it is important for you to become self-aware. Self awareness is all about what makes you, you.

Learn about your strengths and some areas where you need further development. Find out more about self-awareness by completing this assessment.

Contact Me

If you resonate with anything above, please get in touch today. One thing I know is that most people wish they started sooner. We start with a discovery call over zoom to learn more about each other, and then we go from there.
Or maybe you just have questions or just want to chat? 
Those are great reasons to get in touch as well. Speak soon.