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Performance Coaching

for Women in Business

Show up as the the best you.

One of the best ways to show up in business as you is by working with a performance coach to start breaking ground with new ideas in your own voice, spearheading new concepts that you feel passionate about, and being as original and authentic as possible. That can’t happen unless you understand your thoughts, behaviours and actions. And how that is affecting everyone around you, from family and friends to colleagues and peers.

Let me help you get clarity on the next steps.

A coach asks questions, and stays curious.

Sometimes all you need is an empathetic ear. Someone who is not vested in the outcome, someone who just listens and asks a sh!t ton of questions. That someone 
just might be your next coach. 

I am very curious about human behaviour. And for me, choosing to be curious is choosing to be vulnerable. I will ask you questions that might lead you to discomfort. On the other side of discomfort is your own vulnerability. 

Vulnerability is not weakness. It's our greatest measure of courage.

Brene Brown

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Where do you go when things are
uncertain or too stressful?

Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, worry, avoidance, excitement, dread, fear. These are things that can affect all areas of your business. And so when these come up for you, where do you go? Those elements of unpredictability can have a long lasting impact on how we show up for our business.

“what is the impact you want to make?”
“what show up to stop you from making that impact today?”

There are many coping strategies that can be used to keep us “safe”. What isn’t always talked about is how that coping strategy is also used to prevent success from happening. So whether you avoid conversations, drink alcohol or spend energy zigzagging things, that method of coping will not serve you long term. There is a better way of processing your thoughts and feelings. 

Curiosity often leads to vulnerability, and you can’t have growth without both.

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