How to recharge your body

The importance of rest on the body and mind.

Rest is not an absence of activity; it is actually the opposite. A very active state for our body’s and our minds. It is a state that allows the body and mind to recover, rejuvenate, and function optimally. Taking proper rest and time to recharge can enhance your physical health, mental clarity, and emotional stability. Which are all contributors to growing your business. 

You are the asset in your business, and taking care of you is so important. Proper rest strengthens the immune system, reducing the risk of illnesses. During deep sleep, the body produces cytokines, proteins that help fight infection and inflammation. Getting sick can be very damaging to our business – and so staying healthy becomes an important strategy.

Rest, especially quality sleep, is vital for heart health. It helps regulate blood pressure and reduces stress on the heart. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to hypertension and other cardiovascular issues. One way that you can monitor your sleep, other than feel, is through technology such as an Oura Ring. This is a picture of data from my Oura ring, and so you can see how detailed it is. Each night you get a readout of how you slept, and your readiness for the day.

Rest also improves cognitive functions such as memory, problem-solving skills, and creativity. The brain processes and consolidates information during sleep, enhancing learning and retention. All important skills in owning and operating your business. The hormone associated with stress, called cortisol, is also lowered during sleep. Giving a more balanced mood and improved mental health over time. 

Taking breaks and ensuring adequate sleep helps clear mental fog, making it easier to concentrate and make decisions. This is particularly beneficial in high-stakes environments where critical thinking is essential.

Making rest one of your strategies to handle setbacks and challenges is an ideal way to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed. Rest provides mental fortitude and lets you navigate difficult situations.

Well-rested individuals are better equipped to handle challenges and setbacks. Rest provides the mental fortitude needed to navigate difficult situations without becoming overwhelmed.

Here are strategies to help you use ‘rest’ as one of your business owner super powers:

Prioritize Sleep:
Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. Create a bedtime routine to signal to your body that it’s time to wind down. This previous blog will help you have a good morning by prioritizing your night time routine. 

Take Short Breaks:
Take short breaks throughout the day to rest your mind and body. Simple activities like stretching, walking, or deep breathing can be effective.

Practice Mindfulness:
Engage in mindfulness or meditation practices to relax and recharge. It’s no secret that meditation is a big part of my mindfulness practice, and I have witnessed the benefits of stress reduction and improved clarity firsthand. 

Stay Hydrated and Nourished:
Drink water, have a regular green juice routine, eat balanced meals. Whatever is easiest for you to implement and sustain. 

Engage in your Relaxing Hobbies: 
Whatever hobbies you have that relax and rejuvenate you, such as reading, listening to music, or spending time in nature, do those. The benefits on your body and mind are amazing.

Rest and recharging are fundamental to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Which contributes to you, the business owner. These are not signs of laziness but essential practices for sustaining high performance and well-being over time.

Donita Fowler

Coach + Creator
Manage your emotions and you can navigate challenges with a balanced perspective.