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So, in the spirit of saving time I thought I’d give you a quick snapshot of what Performance Coaching looks like, and what your next steps would be.
If you choose to proceed.

Hi! My name is Donita, and I am a certified Jay Shetty Performance Coach. I work inside of Fowler Performance Coaching with my husband (and fellow coach) Vince Fowler.
In working with me, performance coaching is a process where I work with business owners or CEO’s to help them achieve specific personal or professional goals. I use a variety of methods, such as personality inventories, active listening, goal-setting, and feedback, to support in developing skills and abilities and to overcome any obstacles that come up.
The ultimate aim of performance coaching is to help improve performance and reach your full potential. You get to decide what that is, and I keep you on track and accountable to your goals. 

Take a look around

This is your chance to get to know me. Browse around my website, visit my blog page and find out if I might be the right performance coach for you. Coaching is a very personal thing, and there needs to be a connection for both the coach and the coachee. This is your chance to vett me before you go any further.

If you think you have seen and heard enough, fill out your email below and I’ll be in touch very soon.
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what can you expect from coaching

what is the next step

If you like what you have seen and heard so far, the ball is in your court. Take the step to book a Discovery Call with me. Follow the link to my calendar page and find a time that works for you in your schedule. This is the best way to move forward because we get to meet in a non-threatening way (over zoom) and get a real sense as to whether or not we could work together. You’ve come this far for a reason, you want or need support of some kind, and you have hesitated. Book a discover call, and take the first step in this journey.