Content usually educates, entertains or informs. And your business probably uses one of the three more than the others. I find that my writing is informative, and entertaining. I am a coach and I share my findings about human behaviour and beliefs. I hope you have the time to read what is on my mind these days. These blogs are in no particular order. Take from them what you need. 

Donita Fowler, performance coach

Supporting entrepreneurs and ceo's on their journey to discovering their impact on the world.

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My thoughts are my own. My feelings are in words.

If you are wondering about my credentials, I have hundreds of hours curated in reading written books, listening to audio books and podcasts, parenting 2 children – one of which survived open heart surgery at 9 days old, being a wife to a fellow coach and PTSD survivor, trauma therapy of my own, resilience in life and business, and an ever growing curiosity in human behaviour. 

I have always loved to write, and I feel safe when I’m writing.
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