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The importance of confidence
and sense of self

Having confidence means that you feel positive enough to pursue your goals with the vigor and self-assurance needed. We know that self-doubt has killed more dreams than all of the failure or rejection in the world. Sometimes, we are so scared of failure, we don’t even let ourselves get that far.

Or, we are so afraid of rejection, we don’t take the chances and build the connections that will lead to success; all because of the underlying lack of confidence. Real confidence is not determined or driven by anything external. Real and meaningful confidence is based on how we see ourselves.

how a coach can impact your journey

You become confident when you start to act in ways that you feel have meaning and you are passionate about. It’s about accepting who you are growing to be. Real confidence develops when you begin to accept and respect yourself – your behaviour, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and mindset, even at times when it is uncomfortable or distressing.

Self-respect always comes before confidence. Taking the logic a step further – you can only believe in yourself when you like yourself. Who do you have in your corner that asks you questions, and really gets curious about your behaviours and actions?
According to Napoleon Hill, what the mind can believe and conceive, you will achieve. 

If any of this resonates with you, reach out and book a discovery call.
The road of self-employment is not meant to be travelled alone.


Online Self-Directed

A lot can be done before you hire a coach. I am busy behind the scenes putting together an online course to help support you on your journey before you are able to hire a performance coach 1-on-1. These courses are designed to be completed by you, and have a direct impact on your life, business and relationships.

Some things that I have found helpful on my journey.

This is the work of Daniel Siegal. If you want to optimize your brain and create well being in your business (and life) then start right here.

  1. Focus Time: closely focus on tasks at hand, no distractions and a lot of brain power.
  2. Playtime: be creative, spontaneous and playful. Make new brainwaves.
  3. Connecting: connect with others. Appreciate the relationships you have built.
  4. Physical time: movement strengthens the brain.
  5. Time In: reflect internally, focus on your 5 sensations with a mind body scan. *see the next tab.
  6. Downtime: let your brain wander, relax, try not to focus on one specific thing.
  7. Sleep time: rest your body and brain.

This was something that was introduced to me by my therapist. Living in the moment is a muscle that you need to strengthen, and the mind body scan will help you with that.

  1. Hear: what do you hear in the moment?
  2. See: what can you see from where you are?
  3. Feel: what can you feel on you? Maybe the wind, or the warmth of your clothing.
  4. Smell: what can you smell in the moment?
  5. Taste: what can you taste?

This is something taught to me by my husband, and fellow performance coach Vince Fowler. The space between an event and your response is power. This is your power, and the power to choose your reaction, your response, how you speak to someone, the tone of your email. However you look at it, this space is where you hold the power. Once you respond, the power has shifted.

Boundaries are the distance at which you love yourself as much as you love the person you are setting them with. When you set boundaries, explain up front what is ok which is sometimes missed in boundary setting. Here’s an example: It’s ok to not agree with me, it’s not ok to ridicule my ideas and beliefs.