How to get a business coach

When someone reaches out to me for coaching, we go through a discovery phase to find out if we are a fit together. Over the years, the same questions come up for me and so I thought I would round them up and bring them to you in one place.
The conversation usually goes something like this…


PC: prosepctive client
CD: coach Donita

PC: So, what is your coaching philosophy? I’m curious about your overall approach and how it aligns with my goals.

CD: I start every client discovery session with 3 questions. 1. Who are you. 2. Where are you. 3. Where do you want to go. 4. How are you going to get there. 5. Why does any of it matter.

PC: That sounds interesting.
What specific experience do you have working with clients in my industry or who face similar challenges? I think it’s important we understand each other’s contexts.

CD: I have worked in many different industries over the years, and the commonality I look for in clients is behaviors, strategies, goal setting, vulnerability. And so, it’s not necessarily the industry but the behavior of the CEO and leadership.

PC: I’m also interested in the methods and tools you use in your practice. Could you tell me more about those?

CD: I am Jay Shetty Certified as a Professional Success Coach, I also have my Business Coaching Certificate from Forzani Business Coaching … .and way back I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Calgary.
Combine that with the 13 years of entrepreneurship that my husband and I have, 35 years combined, and that is my method. I am always evolving and growing as a coach, and I love learning new things that I pass onto my clients.

There is no one size fits all. And so together we discover what works for you, and what you specifically need. I think it’s about what am I doing now, and so I am an avid reader, I am always taking a course, or involved in an industry event. 

PC: That sounds great. How do you measure progress and success in your coaching engagements? I think having clear metrics will be helpful for both of us.

CD: This one is determined by you and I together also. I have clients that use revenue, number of email subscribers, number of staff, number of client events. This one is also specific to you and your goals within your business. No one size fits all here.

PC: It’s important for me to understand your availability. How do you handle scheduling and communication? Flexibility is key for me.

CD: We choose a set 2 or 3 coaching sessions each month. And while we can be flexible, I find that set, structured times/days do the best. This is one of those, you might be uncomfortable with a set structured time. Someone telling you that you have to be there.
I am also available to you when we aren’t in session at reasonable and generous access. I have never had someone over use this – and I find that it is really helpful when clients are going through more intense times in their business. 

PC: Confidentiality is crucial. How do you ensure privacy and confidentiality in our sessions?

CD: I have a private office in my home, and my computer is always locked. We use passwords and two-factor authentication on most of our business apps and platforms. There has never been an issue and I don’t see one in the future. We are in vegas. 

PC: I’d also like to know about the expected duration of our coaching relationship and your fees. Knowing the financial and time commitments upfront will help me plan better.

CD: All of my clients hire me on a monthly retainer fee. And it is a month to month contract. So 30 days notice is all either of us have to give. The financial commitment is $1350/month + tax. 

PC: Lastly, how do you stay updated with the latest coaching practices and industry trends? Continuous learning is important to me, and I’d love to know it’s important to you too.

CD: This one takes me back in time. I was always that kid that was turning our old grainery into businesses for me to play in my spare time. I have always loved business, and once I discovered that personal growth and commitment actually makes my business run smoother. Well, I can’t seem to learn fast enough.
I have a personal commitment to growth for myself, for my family and for my clients. Growing alongside you is very important to me, and I will remain committed to that promise.


I hope that answers most of your questions, again I know that not every one size fits all. So if you have something that you want to know, reach out to me directly.


Or head over to my contact page.

Donita Fowler

Coach + Creator
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