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Motivation: Why It’s Bullshit and What You Should Focus on Instead.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “I’m just not motivated.” As a coach, I hear it all of the time. It’s a convenient excuse for not going to the gym, skipping that important task, or avoiding a challenging project. But what if I told you that motivation is actually bullshit?

Yes, you heard me right. The whole idea that you need to feel motivated to get things done is just not true. If you are relying on motivation to show up to your party, it never arrives. And, it is holding you back from doing the things. 

So you might ask, what you should focus on instead.

Think about the last time you felt a surge of motivation. Maybe it was after watching an inspiring TED talk or listening to a really great podcast. You were pumped, ready to conquer the world! But how long did that feeling last? A day? Maybe a week? Motivation is like a sugar rush – it gives you a quick high, but it doesn’t last. Once the initial excitement wears off, you’re back to square one.

You don’t need to feel motivated to start. In fact, it’s often the action itself that creates motivation. And here’s the big secret, it’s an inside job. No amount of inspirational quotes are going to get you to that gym. YOU get YOU to the gym. And YOU do the workout. Until it becomes a habit, and maybe then you no longer need to even talk about motivation.

The bridge between goals you set and making them happen is usually less complicated than we think. It’s a promise, or commitment to yourself and then sticking with it. It does go a bit deeper, posing the question of why…..why you want to do a certain thing, or feel a certain way. But commitment will flush out if you actually want to achieve that goal in the first place. 

Holding yourself accountable can be really powerful. Share your goals with someone you trust, set deadlines, and set check-ins. Knowing that someone else is keeping tabs on your progress can push you to take action, even when you don’t feel like it.

When you connect your actions to a larger purpose, it’s easier to push through the hard times.

So, the next time you catch yourself waiting for motivation to strike, remember this: motivation is bullshit. Don’t wait for it. 

Take action.
Build habits.
Stay disciplined.
And hold yourself accountable.

That’s the real secret to achieving your goals and living the life you want. The rest of it is just there to distract you.

Donita Fowler

Coach + Creator
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