My journey continues

This past week I made a decision that feels good, and uncomfortable all at the same time. It’s one of those decisions that you can’t determine if the butterflies are nerves or excitement. I’m going to go with excitement. 

I enrolled in the Jay Shetty Coaching Certification program. It’s 3 months long, 20+ hours a week of study, plus some active coaching time, and some designated reflection time. I’m really excited about it, but still feel some imposter syndrome peeking in where it isn’t invited. I keep reminding myself that I belong here. 

Over the years, I’ve worn many hats when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. And looking back, it was reps. Repetitions in different areas of business, all leading to this one pivotal step. I have played the role of coach for many years, and even though I didn’t have that title on my business card, it was definitely where my feet were at. I supported entrepreneurs through their online marketing, SEO strategies, business strategies, Linkedin profiles, in person workshops, online courses … the list is long and extensive. 

At times, I have felt lost. Mostly because I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I couldn’t tell where this was leading. And I just trusted that I would land on my feet, like I have so many times before. I looked for learning opportunities with difficult clients, and I embraced all that was offered to me. 

I started networking groups, I joined existing ones, I took certifications and courses, I have definitely taken roads less traveled, I have supported all areas of business, some good, some not as good, and all of it has led to where I am now.  And a few things I’ve learned along the way.


Trust the process.
Even when I wasn’t sure how writing content for an investment bankers website was going to lead me somewhere better, I did it. I trusted that I would learn something that would lead me to something else that would lead me even further. I trusted the process of learning. And now, not much in business scares me. I have taken bits and pieces of all areas of business and turned it into something that I am really proud of.

Don’t be afraid to try.
I’m sure not. I have tried it all. And some things I did really well, others – not so much. I have never been afraid to try something new. I always had the support of my husband (and business partner), and failure just comes with the territory. Do I like failure? No. But failure got me here. I have lost way more times than I have won. And I’m still in the game.

Find friends.
Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and it’s the connections we make over time that help us get through it all. I can’t say I have this one all figured out, because I have not quite recovered from the social crash of 2020. I am stepping back in, one foot at a time because I know how important community is. 

Stick with it.
This one is hard. Because when you think it’s hard, that is only the beginning. I have hit rock bottom many times, and picked myself up, dusted myself off and tried again. I always knew in the back of my mind that I was headed for something. I was learning and failing and everything in between because of where I was going. All I had to do to play the part, was to stick with it. And learn as much as I could along the way.


So, if you know me and you are reading this. I want to thank you. Whether you know it or not, you have played a part in where I am today. A coach in training. With a program that is only 2 years old, and has under 500 active coaches worldwide. To me, that is exciting. And I am exactly where I want to be. In life, and in business. My hope is that when you read this, you also are exactly where you want to be. And if you aren’t, you have the courage to reach out for support or mentorship. Whatever that looks like for you. 

Donita Fowler

Coach + Creator
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